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About Our Group

Champion Rehabilitation and Support Services PLLC is a private rehabilitation company providing speech, physical, and occupational therapy services to children and adults. Our outpatient center is located in the heart of Plano, Texas. Therapy services are also performed in schools and in homes. Champion is an experienced contract therapy partner and offers additional consulting services to individuals and organizations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to dignify the life experiences of individuals with impairments and anyone that encounters our organization. We are a trusted therapy services provider that values connection and engagement with our local community.

Client Testimonials

You have been a lifesaver during all of our maternity leave of staff over the year. Also, you have been open to feedback on any issues that we have brought to your attention. Iā€™m always happy to share a good resource with another program, but remember we will also still need your servicesšŸ˜Š.